Google imposed on manufacturers of phones version the new updates regularly!

Android operating system is the system most commonly used on different smartphones around the world, despite the fact that Google alone is the main source so the system only that many smartphone manufacturers rely mainly on their phones whether in its crude or after adjustment.

But these amendments will be a different companies have made the system is in a crisis not happen, which is the delay of updates, with version Google for new Android the company directly update all the Nexus devices and Pixel regularly, only to phones of other companies might be delayed years or not to update at all.

For this problem, Google has recently launched a project to Treble and commit it on all devices that have been released with Android 8.0 or higher version.

Now according to some documents obtained by the website The Verge, it seems that Google has new requirements with the hardware manufacturers to be able to use the system of Android.

These include new conditions requiring hardware manufacturers to provide regular updates to the operating system for two years, for popular devices which have been produced after January 31, 2018, and Google and common devices as devices used by more than 100 thousand users around the world.

As of January 31, 2019, you must update all the devices that have been identified as “model of mandatory security” must be list of security patches that have been installed is older than 90 days.

If you adhere to the manufacturers for phones Terms new Google, you’ll say these last to withhold approval on the phones of the future, and that means prevent them from launching, at least according to what is indicated by the position of The Verge.

Show these new terms in the license agreement of Google for Android phones and tablets that are sold within the European Union, will start doing it in Europe soon, we believe that companies will not follow discriminatory policies it will reach of these laws to the rest of the state.

We wish we could see Android updates more quickly in the future, share with us what you think in the comments and told us about updating your current phone your.

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