Google improved the presentation of visual content on its engine

قوقل تحسن طريقة عرض المحتوى المرئي على محركها

Perhaps seen the beginning of the launch of the search engine Google mention how good it was to have the search results show the text of the abstract, without the containment of the extras a photographer or video to support the article that were searched for, then came improvements to the Google Sharing add visual content because of its importance, the commission many of the users of this type of research, pushing the company to develop its mechanism and operations of computerized algorithms and access tools for artificial intelligence to ensure the search experience Series inclusive of the result for Health Health.

The company reported in her blog yesterday steps of evolution that passed by, in the light of the highlighting around the integration of feature stories in the areas of search New now, the beginning of its work dedicated to view the results of a photographer and a video in the search results, and to cover all the areas and change the perception of the direction of the search process from the traditional style to the most energetic interaction with the user.

At the beginning of the year, has Google adding a property AMP Stories which are based on providing news and information to the proportion of the phones on the form of visual stories can move between them by clicking, and thereby provide a new experience in the mechanism of presentation of results, the level of systems of artificial intelligence in the identification of the contents of the image or the video itself, without the need to reach her via text induction facility, but through the Pixel components of the image and its conformity with the words that were searched for.

Increasing search results in videos had a major impact in the transition to the era of the visual display, and representations of topics that were searched for with a video attached entitled on the subject and to take a holistic view on the subject and easy, even though it not be completely identical, in certain cases, but useful in any case.

Google image, did not turn to look across her to reach for a particular image or even a information that may be accompanied by images, and in this aspect of search has provided Google many of the features that helped in the implementation of search tasks to better allocate the largest, where she worked on providing text and image in Variety, in when will Google in the current week to add many texts on photo as description and add the title of the Web page publisher for each image, and also the proposal of many search terms at the top of the page as a kind of suggestions and guidance, Which of the current available versions of phones and now computers.

Feature Google Lens a qualitative leap in the mechanism of dealing with visual content through the lens of the camera, which was launched by Google last year, where they help identify things and get the results and information about her through the camera, will Google strengthen Google Image Google Lens in the coming weeks to help the user for greater control over the exploitation of the advantages of this property.

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