Google in 2019 will represent cheap Pixel, smart watch and more

Could we imagine that the producers in 2019 will look at Google in a completely different key? Yes, due to weak results from Apple manufacturers like Foxconn and Pegatron, who manufacture the iPhone, more serious look to Google. A division of Foxconn, FIH Mobile, which produces Android-smartphones, expanded its production lines, with separate to Google. In addition, the team working with Google at Foxconn receives special bonuses because of the importance of the client.

Quanta, the manufacturer of the Macbook, because of weak sales last also experiencing difficulties, so that the company is currently working with Google on the issue of intelligent manufacturing columns, in addition, the company provides Google servers for data centers.

For the last 2 years, Google has hired hundreds of engineers and specialists for the supply of Apple

The company Pegatron, meanwhile, produces Home Hub and Nest products to compensate for the failures of Apple. And manufacturer of the iPad, Compal Electronics, is currently discussing with Google the contract for the production of smart speakers. In simple words, manufacturers who previously could not afford to increase production only at the expense of growth of sales of Apple products today have to compensate somehow the decline of interest in Apple products, and that Google with good plans for the future gives them hope.

Why good? First, if you believe the source of our colleagues from Nikkei, the company in 2019, plans to introduce a budget smartphone line of the Pixel, which will help it to expand the promotion of services. The device will cost less than iPhone XR — it is priced at 749 dollars. The official price Pixel 3 is equal to 799 dollars, therefore, most likely, budget Pixel the company will offer for $ 500.

Google, if you believe all the same source, plans in 2019 to show smart speakers, smart watches and web-cameras for home with the emphasis on safety. Well, for anybody not a secret that this year Google will present the fourth generation of the flagship line of the Pixel.

Smart speakers are sold well, they occupy 29.8% of the market, behind only Amazon, which is 31.9%. From July to September, Google has put no less 5.9 million smart speakers. In addition, in 2018 the company was able to sell 4.68 million Pixel smart phone that allowed her to take 0,33% of the market. In comparison with the previous year (3.45 mn) rose significantly, but this is clearly not the limit of the giant. In addition, the Pixel brand has become the most popular in the United States. It is possible that Google in future will be able to replace the devices kupertinovtsy as cheaper and better alternatives.

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