Google Inc. choose the version of 5G from her phone the next Pixel 4 (report)

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Again with pixel 4 owner of record of the leaks between the smartphones, in the last reports told website Nikkei that the company Google has already begun testing a version of 5G from her phone the next Pixel 4 in China.

The report noted that the company probably will use the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 also in this version, as is the case with the version Pixel 4 the normal booster to provide LTE connectivity.

With noted that the pixels 4 5G will have the same specifications and features in the regular version, so that the only change that might take away his user with regard to connect to the internet via the techniques of the fifth generation and enjoy the higher speed.

Building on the previous information it is too early to expect the launch of the Google Pixel the fifth generation in our next event to be held on October 15, but the event has only lost on the regular version that we’ve already talked about leaks that took them through the financial period is complete.

Which was the last is to strengthen the Google phone with the new activation Assistant, voice over lifted the phone and start talking, so that provided a more intuitive way to call the plugin a time of need; no matter the problems that may be caused to the mechanism applying the idea how to solve them.

Returning again to the Pixel 4 5G the Google may launch it in the spring of next year to 2020, with a copy of the Pixel 4a according to the report.

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