Google Inc is working on new devices bearing the code names “Salmon” and “Medaka”

Google Company

It seems that Google Inc. began work on two new it will be part of a series of devices Google Pixel note that these new organs with two code names used for fish similar to the devices Google Pixel the previous.

According to a report from Till Kottmann, it seems that the company Google is working on two new carry code names Salmon and Medaka. As has been already mentioned, it is often Company Google choose the names of the fish as symbolic devices Google Pixel, and this alludes to the fact that Salmon and Medaka will be in the foundation part of a series of devices Google Pixel.

It is unclear what are the devices Google Pixel which bear these names, but the frequency that one of them at least will probably be a smart watch Google Pixel Watch that we’ve heard some rumors about it long ago, although they didn’t get the official until now. It was expected to be launched in the last year, but that’s not what happens in the end, which suggests that it may be launched this year.

Will Google Inc. hosting its annual conference for developers Google I/O 2019 in the middle of this year and sometimes it is the announcement of new products at this event, so hopefully we get more details then to avoid the wait till next October where it is expected to reveal the company Google for phones Google Pixel 4 New.


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