Google include engineers from Qualcomm and Intel to develop chips, phones and data centers themselves

قوقل تضم مهندسين من كوالكوم وإنتل لتطوير رقاقات الهواتف ومراكز البيانات بنفسها

We know since the duration of quite some time about the capacity of Google to develop and design chips and processors for smart devices and data centers themselves instead of relying on other companies such as Intel India and Qualcomm. Is it done by the Apple TV preset during the design of the chip itself and then manufactured in China.

This time it seems that Google is seeking to accelerate the pace of work on the section of products, according to Reuters, the company has annexed 16 as an engineer new to the team came from the most important companies in the field, where they brought together engineers from Intel India, as well as Qualcomm.

Usually produce Nvidia and Intel chips and better products to talk about appliances are high possibilities of data centers, while Qualcomm is a leading chip smartphones in the world, it means that Google wish to produce a comprehensive set of chips hoping to provide hundreds of millions in the future.

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