Google increase 13 game of her shop to install malware

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جوجل تزيل 13 لعبة من متجرها لتثبيتها برمجيات ضارة

Removed the company Google up to 13 application to store its official apps for android named Google Play Google Play after the discovery that these applications attempt to install malware, these applications has got a total of 560 thousand downloads before it was removed from the App Store, which means that they managed to fool half a million users of the Android system, it is made all by the same developer named Luiz O. Pinto, which he hid applications including racing.

These games were related to the collapse and failure when trying to the people who downloaded the run, it was only able to install malicious software on a person’s phone or computer, his tablet, where he baptized those apps to download the APK file and an extra called “Game Center” Game Center when you run it, which in turn installs malware on the user’s device and delete the app icon from the Home screen of the phone, and “Game Center” on the full access to the company, and can also record the network traffic entering and leaving of devices.

He warned Logan photo Stephanie invites Lukas Stefanko, security researcher in the areas of malicious software within the company ESET ESET, the people of these apps for the first time on 19 November via a tweet posted from his account official on the platform of Twitter, explaining that the application of the three ten were all from the same developer, successfully applied two of them in the access to the app list popular Trending Apps on the Google Play Store Google Play.

Can this malware damage to your device or access to sensitive information or display advertisements continuously during use of the device, said Stefan invites the applications does not have any functions of the project, the company said Google: “the provision of a safe and secure experience for our users is a top priority we have, we appreciate the report of the researcher and efforts to help make the Google Play Store safer. You violated these applications our policies and has been removed from the App Store”.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that affected a large number of users of Android applications published in Google Play Store Google Play Store contain malware, where I found the cyber-security firm Symantec Symantec in the month of May up to 38 application of the harmless variety on the form of educational games and apps, which has in turn hide their existence from the phones of the victims and asked to install another file know ads.

It was also during the past year Discover software advertising malicious called Judy’s farm in 41 application to have affected between 8.5 and 36.5 million Android device, have also been reported infecting millions of Android devices by programming a bot net harmful to allow FalseGuide.

The following is the full list of malicious apps:

  • Truck Cargo Simulator
  • Extreme Car Driving Racing
  • City Traffic Moto Racing
  • Moto Cross Extreme Racing
  • Hyper Car Driving Simulator
  • Extreme Car Driving City
  • Firefighter — Fire Truck Simulator
  • Car Driving Simulator
  • Extreme Sport Car Driving
  • SUV 4×4 Driving Simulator
  • Luxury Car Parking
  • Luxury Cars SUV Traffic
  • SUV City Climb Parking

The gate Arab News Technical Google increase 13 game of her shop to install malware

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