Google increase the range of applications that can be used to chase others

Google Play Store

In this day and age, it has become extremely easy to search for someone’s information on the internet, especially in this era of social networking where everyone seems more than willing to share their personal lives with strangers on the internet. This in turn led to the emergence of a serious problem at ease to chase anyone.

However, like Google Inc. to reduce this, and since then has removed a bunch of apps available in the Google Play Store which may allow users to chase the others. This depends on the report of the company Avast, which found seven apps in the Google Play Store have the ability to track places data and send it, along with contacts and call logs and even text messages.

The problem lies in these applications in that they address is often as innocent, as according to Avast, the one of applications of the detected address as an application designed to maintain Child Safety. According to the head of intelligence and security company Avast, Mr. Nikolaos Chrysaidos, it has stated by saying : ” some of these applications as applications Parental to in applications, but their descriptions paint a different picture, tell users that the app allows them to monitor the cheaters “.

After that was tell Google that, the latter immediately remove the application of the violation, although we imagine that this problem probably will never disappear. So, the next time you download an app, you might want to check the reviews twice to look for warning signs, as well as the powers that ask her just to be safe.

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