Google increased the speed of loading pages in Chrome for Android slow Internet

Google teaches Chrome for Android to automatically disable the loading of JavaScript content on web pages provided to a poor connection with the Network. Ignoring browser interactive elements will allow you to provide faster loading sites even in the absence of 3G and 4G Internet.

“If the speed of the Internet connection does not exceed 2G, Chrome will automatically disable scripts and plugins JavaScript, blocking all subsequent requests for downloading, — it is spoken in the description of the function. — If you wish, you can activate them by pressing the “Show” at the bottom of the screen.”

How to turn on blocking JavaScript

At the time of publication, the Autolock function of JavaScript content disabled by default. To activate it you must go to the address chrome://flags and enabling the add-on #enable-noscript-previews, to restart the browser. Note: the feature will not work with a stable Network connection.

This is not the first attempt by Google to increase the speed of rendering elements on websites in Chrome. Previously, the browser introduced a feature called “lazy loading”. Activation allowed Chrome to only load the visible content on the page that renders the rest as you scroll.

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