Google install that the keys of the safe actual is the proper way to secure accounts and Computers

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In these days no longer is your password good enough to protect your online accounts. This is because it can guess passwords, whether by deduction or by methods of force. This is the reason for the growing popularity of systems two-stage authentication, as well as the keys to safety the actual ( Hardware Security Keys ).

In fact, I’ve demonstrated the company Google recently announced that KEYS to safe the actual is the perfect way to protect your accounts and computers of your own. In a report from Krebs On Security, it appears that in the year 2017 did not recognize the staff of Google, numbering more than 89000 employees for any incidents of fraud since the company began to use keys to safety the actual.

For those unfamiliar with such devices, they are basically USB keys is encrypted based authentication to the login process when connected to the computer. This means that even if I guess a hacker your password, if you do not have the security key, you will not be able to access your account or your computer.

In fact, he chose some developers also use security keys to the actual ( Hardware Security Keys ) as a way to verify the validity of the software to make sure it is not pirated. Confirmed Google the authenticity of the report so that the police spokesperson said : ” We have not received any reports or acquisitions sure the accounts from the start using the security keys in Google “.

Also, Google is not the only one trying to start using security keys. Provide companies such as Twitter now allows users to use these keys to secure the process of logging in to their account, also supports the Mozilla Firefox browser this devices.


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