Google intends to detect the smart screen, supports Google Assistant and the name of the Home Hub (photo)

Google Smart Display

Expected to see your Google Home Hub officially for the first time during the conference Made By Google, which the company intends to giant during the launch of other products, most notably the second generation of phones pixels. This conference will be held in New York on 9 October next.

Appeared today pictures leaked of what was said it for Smart Smart Display of Google download the name of the Home Hub, in accordance with the arrangements that we have the new machine equipped with LCD touch screen area of the 7-inch will be available in retail stores sometime during the next fall, compared to 149 USD, which is certainly an excellent price compared to products like like Lenovo Smart Display andJBL Link View.

Google Home Hub leaked
Google Home Hub leaked

It seems from the pictures that The Associated device is simply a combination of computer and tablet running Android and plugin Home Smart Home Max.

Looking at the pictures of the previous two the screen will stretch your edges of the very broad standards in 2018 as it does not have a camera to use across the application calls the Google Duo, which sounds a bit strange prompts us to believe that Google may produce another version more advanced and the cost of this device.

Supposed to make Google the Home Hub of trade provided by the speakers smart home based assistant Google Google Assistant, only that it comes with the screen turning the auditory experience to the visual via available share your photos and videos as well as make video calls – in the case of owning a camera -.

What do you think of this new machine? And do you think you want to try it? Share your opinion in the comments

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