Google intends to test a novel mode of shopping down the videos on YouTube


Started Google as a company providing users a way to search on the web. Do you need to find a gift for Christmas? Do you need to buy a new computer? Every time will provide you with the Google links to web sites that offer such services. At the moment, it seems that Google is looking for ways to earn this money herself.

According to a new report recently released from the location of The Information, it has been said that Google choose to put the shopping links under the YouTube videos. For example, if you are watching the review of smart phone on YouTube, the registration link below the video will take you to Google Express, where you can buy it yourself.

Given that the company Google is testing ads registry within the image search engine, it is no wonder that now require to bring such advertising to YouTube. With the registration of more trade to be part of Google Express, it requires that number soon to become big enough to be Google-able to rival the likes of Amazon.

At the moment, involved content creators on the YouTube links to the Amazon store in the descriptions and videos of their own where they will get commission for every selling. It is not clear whether this content on YouTube will receive a commission for every sale made through the links on this registry that will be included in YouTube videos, or whether Google Inc is hoping to keep all the proceeds for yourself.


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