Google intends to unify apps for iOS and Android

Google begins beta testing of Flutter of a framework that will allow developers to create universal apps for both Android and iOS. This writes TechCrunch with reference to the official representatives of the company. According to them, the newest product designed to make life easier for developers, allowing to significantly speed up the process of creating a cross-platform software.

Unlike analog, Flutter works exclusively with the programming language, created by experts Google — Dart. According to the company, it is extremely easy to learn, allowing you to get used to it in just a couple of weeks. Despite their proliferation, it is Dart, according to the search giant, is the most appropriate language for Flutter.

With built-in widgets Flutter simplifies the development of interfaces for applications designed for two different platforms. The range Google there are already several applications written in Flutter, and one of them is Google AdWords. Let’s hope that the newest framework will be useful to the developers and someday will erase the line between iOS and Android.

To discuss the prospects Flutter in the official Telegram chat

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