Google introduced hardware key-Titan Key, which will not allow hackers to steal data

Google introduced a hardware security key Titan Key for two-factor authentication (2FA) that will ensure the safety of the users.

The company is in 2017 began testing the gadgets on their workers. More than 80 thousand people became participants of testing at the expiration of the time none of them said that the account was hacked.

After successful testing Google is ready to present the project to the public. The company presented two options. The first variant is connected via USB (great for desktops and laptops), the second Bluetooth (version for smartphones). Keys will work with major browsers and cloud services. For example, if a user wants to log in to your account, after entering the password instead of SMS with a code will need to use a key Titan Key that is much easier and safer.

Earlier times many experts in the security field has said that two-factor authentication through SMS messages is insecure. Google probably with this view agree. Keys support the U2F Protocol from the FIDO Alliance and is equipped with a firmware from Google.

The company has plans to ensure that key system administrators and other “important” users. However, in the future, the keys will be able to buy everything. It is expected that their cost will not exceed $ 20.

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