Google introduces Data Saving feature on Chrome to load pages faster

Google offers the advantage of providing new data on the lite version of the Chrome browser which allows users to reduce data usage by up to 90%, and download HTTP pages twice as fast. When loading the page, will Chrome the lite version of the page in the URL, users can click the indicator to see more information and access to the option to download the original version of the page.

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Thus, Chrome will automatically disable the pages-Lite on the basis of each site or each user when it detects that users may choose to download the original page frequently.

In the official blog of the company, explained to Google that they will be used improvements, built-in the Google servers to improve the download page, when it says Chrome improved HTTP pages, and will share the URL only with Google, while maintaining the cookies and login data and other private.

Google has added It’s water is used when the network scale 2G or 2G slow, or if the page load will take more than five seconds to get to the content due to the network capabilities of the device.

It is worth mentioning that this new feature won’t work with Incognito mode, it is also available on the Android system only.


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