Google introduces security key binary Titan Security Keys for sale on her shop

Is the one more threats common to all users of the internet these days, it is defined as a method of trying one of the attackers trick you into giving them your credentials. Although the Internet services, in particular those of Google, provide ways to protect you from this type of fraud mail, it is recommended to always using a protection mechanism to a binary step 2SV.

And protection mechanisms bilateral step, the symbols of protection that up to your phone via SMS, by specialized applications such as Google Authenticator. The best of those mechanisms are the keys to protection binary step that can be linked to the phone or case via the USB port or via Bluetooth technology.

During the past month, Google announced at the Conference on Cloud Next 2018 for the keys to the protection binary step Titan Security Keys directed to the security experts, users and researchers from higher degrees of protection.

Today, the company announced that the keys to the Titan Security Keys become available to everyone, and can be purchased from the e-store Google Store. It works with most web browsers and other services, such as Gmail, facebook, and twitter, and study books.

Come keys Titan Security Keys, which are sold at a price of $ 50, with a key first and connect the phone via USB and the other via Bluetooth. This is available keys in currently in the United States with a plan to put it in other markets soon.

Did you ever use the security keys, the binary move? We shared your experience in the comments.

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