Google is able to track your location even when you turn off the Bluetooth

When it comes to tracking the geographical location of the exact Android phone, it seems that Google uses all available means including the location information based on Bluetooth technology which send the to the company. Where a new report has shown that Google is able to track the geographical location of the users using the Bluetooth technology, especially inside buildings and closed museums and markets, so that this allows the company to provide information to advertisers about the usefulness of their ads and digital attracting the customers in their stores on the ground. The report noted that Google is able to track the geographical location even when you close the advantage of the geographical location and features Bluetooth also, so that when you activate Bluetooth at any time send a list of all information of the places of the surrounding of the To keep track of the user, and the only one to stop sending this information to Google is to close the Bluetooth completely on and off the geographical location and modify some of the advantages of Android applications is especially associated with the operating system. Read also: Google collected geolocation data for users of Android so when you disable the property This is not the first time that a report about tracking Google locations, even when you disable the relevant characteristics, where indicated in the report published in last November that the company is able to identify your geographical location as long as that device is connected to the internet. Source: qz

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