Google is bringing maps with distinct color detail in Google Maps update

The search giant launched a new update to Google Maps recently, offering a new map design based on colored details to better illustrate the terrain.

The search giant is keen to update the Google Maps application continuously, as it provides each update with new features and tools to support the user with a better experience in searching and navigating using the application.


The search giant has added a lot of tools on the maps in the application with clear markers, but the new update brings a new feature to maps that enhance the clarification of location details by color.

The new algorithm in the Google Maps application works to accurately map the colors of the terrain to clarify the details of the sites on the maps, where the details of the seas and oceans or rivers and lakes come in blue on the new maps, while deserts and beaches appear in the dark color, fertile sites also appear in green.

Google confirms that the new update of Google Maps will provide better support for the user in locating sites faster on maps, and the search giant is preparing to add more accurate details of pedestrian routes, and car routes, with accurate measurements of these sites, provided that Google begins to support Google Maps users in every way. From London, New York and San Francisco in the coming weeks with this new Google Maps update.



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