Google is currently working on a new design to follow Google Play

قوقل تعمل حاليًا على تصميم جديد لمتجر قوقل بلاي

Since the announcement of Google about the design of their extracted materials, the design is busy to update their applications in order to get them, seems that store Android the official “Google Play” is among the applications of the following to get the design, where has been detected the latest testing version of the App Store come with a new one entirely, so the store is about to get a drastic makeover.

In respect of the new interface, they are coming to design “Materia” in full, and included elements of more with the bar lower through it the user will be able to have quick access to the main page, games, books, movies, and TV shows, and get rid of the music selection as noted in the pictures below.

Also still sections of the core show the top of the screen, but with the new design it has lost its icons and its furnishings, and renewed in the top search bar is now more readable and, through get rid of the logo, “Google Play” and replace the name of the section you’re on, and the yen when moving to the menu, you will notice that it has been replaced “more” button with an arrow, which when pressed will up some space on the screen.

Enter to the page of any application, the focus will be on what matters, where will be published the Install button across the width of the entire screen, with information of less relevance such as category tags, as well as replace the progress bar with a circle around the application icon is filled when the download is complete, finally, and as noted previously this design in stages the first Test, and there is no word from Google about the exact date of release of the update, however we in turn we will give you all what is new about this topic.

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