Google is developing a feature to overlook the operations of the touch is not intended for Always On Display

always on display

Feature is Always On Display are very useful because they know important information such as time or notifications without lighting the whole screen. This doesn’t want just the eyes in the night, it also helps to preserve battery life. However, because they do not support the possibility to overlook the operations of the touch unintended, the output of your phone from your pocket will lead to the lighting of the screen. As a result, he asked one of the users of Google to develop this feature for Always On Display, and decided to do it now.

The request was made on the Google Issue Tracker late last month. Ask the author of the Google embed feature refused to touch operations is not intended in property is Always On Display in the Android Q, adding that ” most people don’t think they turn on the screen unless clicked deliberately on the screen twice, usually it happens in the middle office where the former “.

Platform Google Issue Tracker you think is a great place for people to communicate directly with employees in Google company in relation to the retreat with the understanding that it is often responsive company to suggestions. that you find interesting. With regard to this proposal associated with the feature Always On Display, has Google responded last week noting that this feature will be available in the ” upcoming releases “.

It remains to be seen whether this feature will be included in the first official version of the system Android Q or not knowing that it is not planned to reach up to the month of August next, to say the least.


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