Google is developing a secret successor to the system running Android

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Work of a small group of engineers from the company Google since more than two years on the development of a new operating system they hope to solve in the end replace the operating system of mobile devices globally dominant Android platform, but this team must initially overcome some internal problems related to how the system works, which is known as fuschia Fuchsia price, where this project was created from scratch to overcome the limitations imposed by the Android system under the availability of more personal devices and other tools via the internet.

It was the design of a new system to deal better with the voice command and security updates Frequent, in addition to his work uniformly across a range of different devices, including computers, portable sensors and small connected to the internet.

Was Sundar pichai Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO has explained that Google is a company artificial intelligence in the first place, where they were guiding the company towards the services of artificial intelligence that reaches consumers in every place, however the system will run the main, upon which dozens of Companies Manufacture the devices, is not in line with it.

Google began in 2016 to publish the source code online quietly, I heard the company application developers for external testing parts of code source open, and discussed members of the team fuschia larger plan is to create a single operating system capable of running all instruments and devices company, such as phones pixel camera and speakers smart home, in addition to the devices other companies that rely on the Android operating system and the other labeled Chrome.

The engineers said they want to embed fuschia Fuchsia on home appliances related, such as amplifiers and controlled voice, and then move to a larger device like a laptop computers in three years, where the team aspires to eventually replace the Android system, which resides on more than three quarters of smartphones in the world, with fuschia, with a scheduled time to achieve this goal.

Illustrate the information that Sundar pichai and his deputy Hiroshi louder Hiroshi Lockheimer, in charge of Android and Chrome, did not stop yet on any roadmap for iPhone in line, believing that it should move cautiously when dealing with any plan to fix the Android, due to the operating system support for device manufacturers and thousands of developers and collapsed advertising dollars portable.

As the subject Android to increasing scrutiny by regulators, and cause legal problems for the company, which means that any changes to it will be closely monitored, and the product are the Europeans had imposed a record fine on Google of $ 5 million in relation to the issue of antitrust to use the Google system its mobile to deploy its services.

The system is a pic of some of the profound differences within Google about how to design it and publish it, especially when it comes to the characteristics of privacy, and the police in general to fuschia as an example of their approach to the free in creative products, a company spokesman said: “Google believes these experiences open source as an investment in innovation”, the company explained that in 2015 they do not have plans to replace the operating system Chrome your Android.

System includes fuschia more than just effort optional for the company, as expressed Sundar pichai expressed his support for the project internally, which works have now more than 100 people, including engineers, seasoned like Matias Duarte Matias Duarte, a senior executive of design department LED several pilot projects in Google.

The project focuses on the development better with the operating system of Apple mobile devices iOS iOS, although the share of the Android system market share of 85 percent, except that the Apple TV system has a power in areas such as performance, privacy, security, and integration across Apple devices.

There is also another major advantage is led by the most users of the iPhone to update their phones quickly when you launch the Apple TV to the new version of its system operational, while less than 10 percent of Android users do, so that they do not reach the new version of the system only to a small part of Android users.

Depends Google to the phone manufacturers to provide operating system updates and security updates regular Android devices, but these partners do not have a great incentive to deploy the latest version of the operating system looks the same Google.

Preferably makers phones sell new hardware rather than update old devices, and I tried a giant Sea of addressing this issue in recent times across the measure in May to amend its agreement with the makers of the phone hardware to develop them to provide security updates several times a year.

And there is some evidence that the system of fuschia includes security procedures more stringent, the engineers building the user keys are encrypted within the system, a tool for privacy protection ensures that information in every time you update the system.

It has also been hiring people experienced in this field such as Nick cries Nick Kralevich, an engineer for protection and security of the main system Android for nine years, which go to work on the fuschia in the month of January.

It is considered the Android system is not designed to deal with the kinds of applications of the Treaty on the photo, which is considered by Google the future of computing, being therefore the development of Foshan, mainly to deal with the sound.

As the design of the new system is more flexible in terms of its adaptation to different sizes of company, so try to investigate with new products like televisions and cars and refrigerators, which are products that try to Google the deployment of the system by operating within it.

Should the company solve some internal problems related to, where you learn some of the principles that are sought by developers of the fuschia with the company’s business model, recognizing the activities of the Google ad on the possibility of targeting users based on their location and activity, and in the case of the implementation of privacy features in fuschia, it would interfere with the business model followed, which means that there is a clash between the team announcement and team engineering about the privacy and security features in the operating system of the newborn.

May lead the process of moving away from Android and Chrome to the presence of other risks, where a huge group of independent developers and device makers such as Samsung, Huawei and LG on the Android system, at the same time, the system Chrome is important to the company, depending on to run his computers, portable web-based named Chrome book used in many schools and other institutions, and you can’t Google simply stop supporting the operating systems Android and Chrome.

There is also another problem to be solved, as a system Android and Chrome operating system Linux, where the Linux kernel serves as the core part of the current operating systems from Google, while used fuschia various clubs called Zircon, which bypass many of the ancient techniques in Linux, this might make existing devices non-compliant.

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