Google is developing a system of enhanced reality to rival Microsoft


A recent report from the news site of the German Winfuture that the company Google is developing a system of augmented reality is new, and was assigned to a secret team known as the “A65” establishment of headphone AR – like system of the HoloLens of Microsoft Corporation.

Comes this step is relatively late, having started a large number of technology companies already on the plans to develop headphones powered by augmented reality AR, including Apple, which has plans to launch devices augmented reality by 2021.

نظارة جوجلSystem Google

Will be used to hear Google Qualcomm chips, is expected to make its company “quant” Taiwan, which also helped in the manufacture of a device Pixel C tablet, and is scheduled to be system of the augmented reality of the new Google device independent does not require a connection to a personal computer or a smart phone, any will be no different than headset Oculus Go the VR that are newly released from Facebook.

According to the “Daily Mail” the British, it will be equipped by the sensor of the camera and microphones, which will enable the audio inputs, this means that the car will command the assistant Google, and it is not yet clear Launch Date of the new users.

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