Google is developing an artificial intelligence capable of discovering breast cancer with an accuracy of up to 99%


One of the keys to overcoming certain diseases is discovered early. This allows to start treatment early and also prevent the disease from spreading or becoming worse. Cancer is one of those situations that can result in early detection and higher survival rate, he has helped science and technology to play a major role in it.

In fact, it seems that Google is contributing to this through working with researchers at the Medical Center Marine in San Diego to develop an artificial intelligence could be the discovery of metastatic breast cancer. In fact, it seems that artificial intelligence that works well so much so that the accuracy up to 99 percent when it comes to the discovery of the disease in patients.

This is based on the AI at the Inception-v3, a model for automatic control for on sound open source. The researchers tested this artificial intelligence against a database of Lymph Node 2016 which contain 399 photos of the complete sections of lymph nodes from the University Medical Center Radboud University Medical Centre Utrecht, as we have said, the company Google that the artificial intelligence of its own boasts accuracy up to 99.3 percent.

Although it wasn’t perfect and make mistakes sometimes recognize certain things, but it looked the best compared to the technology of the current charge. Now, this is not the first time that we see artificial intelligence be used in medicine or the fight against cancer. Previously, researchers have developed an artificial intelligence another can detect skin cancer, prostate cancer, bowel cancer.

Won’t solve the AI replace doctors any time soon, nor should it, but its ability to identify things faster will undoubtedly help save lives. After all, the technology appeared to help the human to overcome obstacles and look to the future.


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