Google is facing a new investigation to the issues of Monopoly from the prior 50 body claim an American public

Google has faced several investigations similar in the past; but it seems this time is different due to the consensus of Public Prosecutions for investigation

جوجل تواجع تحقيقاً جديداً بقضايا احتكار من قبل 50 هيئة إدعاء عامة أمريكية

Come supplier perspective and more details about the investigation of cases of monopoly, new wave against Google Inc., increasing the number of prosecutions of American participation in to the pressure, where he fired a five-day to a prosecutor of all the states of America an investigation of the issues of the new Test against a giant of the American technology.

Came in the report of the Washington Post in this regard that the investigation will mainly about the platform and marketing business run by the company across its different products, as was confirmed by the prosecutor of the state of Texas Ken Paxton who is chairing this round of investigations of violations of the laws lack of respect.

The expansion loop of the deputies involved in the case is surprising in the shadow of a previous report noted that the 25 prosecutor years are the only ones who will initiate the investigation in the police practices in this regard.

Full consensus on the fight against the dominance of large companies

To ease the decorating already and report the accounts of the company before this meeting of full against her; at the time of the encounter in which the opinions of all the Republican and democratic parties on the risk posed by the companies influential on the atmosphere of General competition in the market.

Where included investigations and the issues of the monopoly of the former company Google, Amazon, Facebook, and appeals by members of Congress to the necessity of putting an end to the practice of their occupation in the market in their respective fields, and to claim to provide these companies into smaller companies in order to provide a competitive environment the biggest.

In the context of the topic responded to Google on the announcement of the investigation of this by the earlier announcement published last Friday, said that these issues is not new to them, and that the Justice Department has already demanded that its information about this in previous investigations, and it’s likely prosecutors will ask the same thing, noting to me that she was always cooperating with legal entities and will remain so.

It is noteworthy that this investigation is still under the umbrella of a survey of the facts is not an issue against the company until now, but in the case to prove police involvement in violations of the laws lack of respect, you may experience trial extended Will large segments of other work under her, and thus the door of the fines will open again it has cost her a lot.

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