Google is facing charges in 4 of its employees because they join the activities of the Labour

جوجل تواجه تهماً بطرد 4 من موظفيها بسبب انضمامهم لنشاطات عمالية

Still concern mounts about the working conditions at Google regarding the policies that applied and imposed on the parties to limit the right in mind or pretend; especially after the expulsion of the recent damage to a previous report talks about the control of the company to its employees andaccused them of spying on them to prevent protest rallies.

In a new report, told Reuters that the trade unions consider the issue of Google staff who have been expelled recently from the company in earnest; and after their participation in the activity of unions within the workplace, they said.

Where returns the case to the expulsion of four employees last November claimed Google then their expulsion came as a legal result of repeated violations of accepted policies for data security in the company.

Explained that the four staff members searched in the information to other employees relating to the scope of their work; while she expelled the four that action was taken against them to scare the rest of the staff and to keep them away from forming or organizing any activity that is labor.

Following this case the Union of Communication Workers in the United States CWA to raise the issue of the burden of labor against the company, the parent company Google on behalf of four employees; and where stated in the text of the complaint that the workers have been expelled to intimidate the rest of the staff to participate or go into the activity and protection of workers ‘ rights.

Building on the complaint of the CWA can anticipate the entry of the National Council of the American worker on the case and investigate the circumstances of the expulsion and sass and other Google personnel who ensure if the company violates their rights or not.



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