Google is going to launch China’s search engine censorship

Chinese version of the Google search engine will filter the sites like Wikipedia and BBC News.

Google has closed its search service in China in 2010 due to the government’s attempts “to limit freedom of speech on the Internet”. But, according to the latest information, The Intercept, the company from mountain view is planning to return to the Chinese IT market in the near future.

“Censoriously” Google search would be to use a blacklist for sites and search topics (for example, freedom of speech, human rights, democracy, religion, peaceful protests). It is being developed under the code name Dragonfly from December 2017, after meeting the heads of Google Sundar Pichai and the Chinese government.

Google developers have created two versions of an Android application that can be launched in 6-9 months after the approval of the authorities.

It will be interesting to see if it will work Google to launch service in China, given the relatively unstable relationship between the US and China recently. Ben Gomez, head of the search engine, the company announced to employees that they should be ready for any situation: “suddenly the world can change or [President trump] decides that’s his new best friend – XI Jinping (President of the PRC)”.

Sources: The Interception; The Verge

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