Google is heading to charge for the use of its applications in the European Union

In the month of July last the imposition of the European Commission on Google a huge fine worth US $ 5 billion on charges of fraud and harm to competition across the Android operating system. The US company warned at the time that some of its services relating to the Android won’t stay free forever.

Google confirmed it would begin imposing finance charges on the manufacturers of smart phones for the use of certain applications compact running Android in European countries, where the modification permits the use of some of its main applications such as Play Store, email, Gmail, Maps application, and of course YouTube.

Will Android operating system itself is free and open source, but if the desire of manufacturers of smartphones and tablets include Google apps core and Play Store within the operating system, you must then pay a licensing fee for Google. While the value of these fees is still not yet known, except that the main applications of Google will be available on the form of a package given does not include the Chrome browser and Google Search and who will be added for free to package android key.

Here you’ll find manufacturers of smartphones in Europe itself in front of the 3 options are either making smart phones running Android but it doesn’t have Play Store or any other app from Google except for browser Chrome and search, or continue to provide smart phones with all the Google apps well-known and existing in the Android system today and you will be forced to pay licensing fees to use for Google, or rely on other stores and apps like an alternative to those offered by Google won’t.

Doesn’t seem that Google will take this step at the present time at least, where it continues the process of appeal against the decision of the European Commission.

What do you think about this step of Google? Wei see how will Android phones without Play Store and Google apps? Share your opinion in the comments.

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