Google is killing the feature “unlock in the voice recognition” in Android phones

Although it is the most easy way to unlock the phone for most users unless they use voice commands isn’t completely safe when compared with other traditional, which include Google, without a doubt.

It seems that Google decided to kill the feature to unlock the phone in the voice recognition Unlock with Voice Match soon and replaced with another Lock screen personal results or “unlock phone via personal information”, this is what the company did in the phones Pixel 3 no doubt they’re planning to do this also in other Android phones.

Allow Unlock feature in the voice recognition of the user count on Google to do a number of tasks even if the phone is closed, you can use voice authentication to unlock the phone without having to even touch it. Although it is the easiest possible way to use the phone only to someone who possesses a voice similar to your photos or even record The Voice of an old you may know your data is at risk, which is Will Google warn you of it in case of activation this way.

The new feature “cancel the phone using personal information” is still dependent on the corresponding voice to perform certain tasks like make a phone call or show the calendar, in case they ask for it, open the phone, then you need to enter a PIN code or use a fingerprint or face reading.

What is the method that you use to unlock your phone? We shared your experience in the comments.

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