Google is moving to replace Android system running fuchsia Fuchsia OS


No longer a secret that Google is working since years on a new operating system named fuchsia Fuchsia OS is not intended to be a substitute for the operating systems current, but should be the operating system that holds all Google products.

According to a new report published by the site Bloomberg reports that the system of “Fushi” may replace the systems Android and Chrome OS over the next five years, although Google has not yet adopted any strategy or real plan to do this step but it may turn into reality in a few years.

Hope the engineers are the giant company that they can bring the “Foch” to smart home devices, including Google’s Home after three years before the move to smart phones and tablets, computers and wearable devices in the end, which seems interesting for Google.

In addition, the use of Google’s new operating system would help them avoid the legal problems about the use of Android to Java.

Anyway, look the duration of the 5 years mentioned by the report period was relatively short to achieve the billion devices that run Android and Chrome OS for the “Foch”.

What do you expect from the new OS? And do you see Google is serious about this idea? We shared your perspective in the comments

The post Google goes to replace Android system running fuchsia Fuchsia OS was first deployed in the are.

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