Google is offering a new update for Gmail on the browser

I started the Google company in the payment of a new update for the Gmail on the browser, comes with features important to support users user interface more effective in the menu that appears to the right.

Right-clicking in Gmail

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New update is important for users of Gmail on the browser equivalent of one of the most annoying problems users have in the user interface particularly in the menu that appears with a click to the right, which did not provide optimal support to users during the financial period.

However, the new update in the interface of Gmail on the browser, brings the features of its more in the menu that appears when you click to the right, to support the users one more effective, where the user can note the new changes gets a new update for its own account.

Come to the new interface with the choices new at the top of the screen appear when you click to the right on the e-mail, where you will have the user’s choices, although rapid, or re-send the mail, or put a sign on the mail to read later or to mail important, with choices to improve the mail, or choose silent mode for email.

Has Google noted in her remarks to The they already started to push new update for users of G Suite now, that is available to all users in the 22 of February, is also expected to be delayed batch update in some regions for several more days.


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