Google is one of the first American companies that have stopped their cooperation with Huawei depending on the resolution of the ban last

قوقل من أولى الشركات الأمريكية التي توقف تعاونها مع هواوي تبعاً لقرار الحظر الأخير

The show started today, the consequences of the resolution of the last American , which provides for the Prohibition of cooperation with telecommunications companies to foreign mainly the Chinese company Huawei, which reported Reuters from company Google its cooperation with the Chinese giant Huawei in a wide range of business-level equipment and software which includes, Of course, System updates Android several that nature open source.

According to those close to the company, Huawei has become currently banned from access for updates and the latest operating system of Android and the current, as that version phones next to US celebrates many of the applications, software and services company Google outside of China, where you will see a list of the region number of applications of the famous and popular as the app of Google Play Services, email Gmail.

In the still details of the termination of support and other services to Huawei under study by Google and discussed in their arcades as reported by the source, it is worth mentioning that Huawei consider the consequences of the decision of U.S. President Donald Trump since its promulgation; to be the company Google and the Coordination of system support Android the identity of the target first those accessory the truth that won’t be the last definitely will introductory setbacks for the company if the crisis continues which will certainly similar decisions taken by the Chinese against American companies.

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