Google is planning to bring luxury features digital-to-digital assistant Google Assistant

Google Pixel 2 XL - Google Assistant

One of the main features brought by Google to the Android 9 Pie are a set of tools which bear the name of luxury and digital. The basic idea is to help users spend less time on their devices and of addiction. This is done through reminders and notices, set the timer, etc. It now appears that Google is looking to expand directly the shelf digital to their other products.

According to a new report released recently from the site 9to5Google, it has discovered some code in the source code of the Google app on the Android platform, which is the code that suggest that Google intends to bring some of the luxury features digital-to-digital assistant Google Assistant. Was discovered that the changes relating to the design settings of the digital assistant, where he was to change the name of ” Family Tools ” to ” Digital Wellbeing“, while the replacement put the ” Family Mode ” with a ” Filter “.

She also mentioned the advantage of ” downtime | Downtime ” which is believed to be an improved version of the feature ” Wind Down ” where they can ban some of the features on the digital assistant Google Assistant at specific times of the day. We are not sure how to incorporate the luxury features of the digital in the digital assistant Google Assistant, but perhaps it is by allowing the digital assistant to remind users to stop using their devices or specific apps for a while, etc. In either case, we’ll wait until Google release this changes officially to get a better idea of what to expect.


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