Google is preparing a useful update to the “Google Assistant” for Android

The company Google is testing the next update proprietary voice assistant for Android devices. Updated client “Google Assistant” will get a new display option with the changed position of some key interaction with the interface. This will significantly improve the usability of an assistant, which is especially important for devices with a long display with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and up.

The following screenshot shows that two icons leading to the list of popular commands and recommendations, moved to the lower part. Now that “Google” is opened in full screen, you don’t have to reach for them with his thumb, stretching the brush to unnatural condition. Due to the transfer of these buttons the developers had to rework the lower panel, combining key activated recording, keyboard and Google Lens into a single unit.

The first screenshot on the left is the old interface, the second and third new

Convenience — above all else

At first glance, the changes brought about by the update is so small that it seems they are not even worth mentioning. It is a profound mistake, than make sure when you start to use “Google now” to complete the program. Thanks to simple changes, made by Google, the ease of interaction with the assistant increases many times while minimizing the risk of inadvertent loss of the device from his hands.

Despite the fact that the elongated smartphones have existed for almost two years, the concept of transfer controls in the lower part of the screen has spread only now. One of the first she drew the attention of Samsung, which reworked the entire branded firmware for smartphones so that the entire interface has been divided into two areas: visual and contact. The first is located in the upper part, while the second — at the bottom.

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