Google is preparing another, and Pixel 3 Lite XL

Remember Google Pixel 3 Lite? His pictures recently went viral today, proving that such a device is indeed coming soon.

It will be plastic, with SoC Snapdragon 670, but with a headphone Jack and camera, as senior fellow.

Is available version will not only have a Pixel of 3, but Pixel 3 XL. It will be called Pixel 3 Lite XL… yeah, dumb, but not the essence.

So, here are both phones.

As you can see, the older-younger model will also get a plastic case and a headphone Jack. Presumably, the diagonal will be about six inches. In the parameters no data, I think, will be the same SoC Snapdragon 670, and Pixel 3 Lite.

But when will and how much it will cost, until we can only guess.

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