Google is preparing the firmware update application. What will change?

Last week to version 2.70 updated Google Pay. App learned how to send money to contacts in USA, store boarding passes on planes and to remind you about recent transactions. Next updates is Google.

Google is preparing version 8.12, reports 9to5google. Reporters looked inside the code of the application and learned the details of the update. Some of them may never appear in the release, but usually the chances are high.

New features for Google Podcasts

Google has released a standalone app for podcasts in the middle of June. The release was reflected in the corporate application of a company. Google will soon be able to find and display individual episodes.

The function will be appreciated by users who know exactly which segment they need.

A small update Windows Google Lenses

The “Places” tab is now replaced by the button identification of plants and animals.

Best apps

The top programs have received a separate tab. Another step for the convenience of users.


Google is also testing a pop-up app recommendations during the launch of the search window. It looks like this.

How to subscribe

To participate in the testing of unpublished versions of Google applications agree at this link.

Experiences traditionally are divided in the official Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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