Google is preparing to announce soon about the prices of service to broadcast the games Stadia with more details about the games

Announced the search giant for the broadcast service games Stadia for the first time during the month of March last, and today confirmed the developers of the Stadia on Google’s plans to advertise soon for the price plan service broadcast games and most titles representative of the service to broadcast the games along with the launch date of the streaming service cloud.

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Use Google Inc to launch a streaming service of cloud gaming Stadia during the next period, which comes with a run and broadcast all kinds of and titles games, also supports broadcast games on any device through Google’s servers represented the highest capacity to support play games when an internet connection fast enough to run games.

I came to tweet the official Google Stadia emphasize that the development of a platform to broadcast new games is almost over. getting ready to launch the service in the coming period.

It is scheduled to come broadcast service of cloud gaming Stadia with the support of the developers in creating content and the addresses of games that you won’t need to improve the performance of train operating on devices with low-tier, so it won’t restrict developers games requirements defined in the devices.

Also is the launch of the climate system via the communication control unit Wi-Fi which ensures fast response in the call without any delay, it is estimated that Google provided more details about the platform cloud gaming Stadia when the official announcement of the launch users, is expected to be at the E3 conference in June.


I know of

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