Google is preparing to bring a special version of the YouTube app on the devices KaiOS

The company provides Google in the coming period a new version of the YouTube app custom devices that are running KaiOS, following a partnership announced during the MWC between all of my company’s Google وKaiOS.

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The company announced the KaiOS, during the Barcelona conference about a new partnership with search giant Google, through its Google services and applications company on the platform of KaiOS in the coming period.

Has already provides Assistant Google virtual devices KaiOS, however, the new partnership offers more Google services on the devices KaiOS including the YouTube app, which was previewed on the platform KaiOS already, where has been the development of a special version designed specifically for the operating corresponds to the size of the screen for customers operating platform.

Also scheduled to allow the platform KaiOS users devices voice input via Gmail Assistant that is paid to this feature later this year.

Recall that the company KaiOS pointed out that the versions of the police begins to push it to all of Africa, Europe, North America, along with South East Asia, to come devices pre-loaded applications Google Maps, and Google Search, and also the assistant to Google the virtual.


I know of

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