Google is preparing to launch a service Play Pass to compete with services Apple TV new

Apple has already announced service, Apple Arcade is service fun games where offer dozens of possible games and exclusive in exchange for a monthly subscription unified. Google is the other reveal a similar service known as Google Play Pass according to recent reports.Google Play Pass

Google Play account official Twitter officially announced the advent service Play Pass soon a service that allows the subscriber to enjoy hundreds of apps and games possible without any ads or internal payment, only in exchange for a monthly subscription.

Google Play Pass according to leaks will be the participation of the monthly 4.99$ but that information is unconfirmed and may have a subscription to the most expensive at the launch of the service, service Apple Arcade competition, such as would be in exchange for$ 9.99 per month.

Google Play Pass

A service like this could save a lot of money on users who are buying apps and games or subscriptions possible, periodically, if you give them the service what they need from the featured content.

Service Arcade of the Apple TV which will apply soon competent games just as the Google service Play Pass will allow games and applications together, a move that may impress the users of Android devices and their purchase, as you will see from the profits of Google and developers of Android of the content available on the Google Play Store.

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