Google is preparing to sell audio books on the store “Play Store”


Seeking Google to rival Amazon and its Audible, revealed a new report that the search engine giant intends to sell audio books through the Play Store, with provide big discounts to compete with the prices Amazon service think.

According to the published site 9to5Google American, appeared the declaration to buy a Google about to start selling audio books through the Play Store, with discounts of up to 50% on the price of the first book purchased, as allocated to Google a whole section in her store to sell audio books, however, difficult at present to access it.


Earlier reports had indicated that Google used to provide this feature in the App Store, and find some evidence in the Application section E-book Google Play learn by the sound of it, and it seems that Google want to distinguish its service, not only on the level of prices and spreading, it probably will provide the possibility to move to a specific chapter through the pronunciation of his name only, which is not available in the service and Audible from Amazon.

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