Google is pumping new blood into the system WearOS for smart watches by changing the design and adding new features

WearOS - SmartWatch - Google

Google announced just in the publication of the code official as the re-design of the system WearOS reserved for smart watches. The Google re-design of the system WearOS to focus more on ease of use, features Google Health New, as well as a focus on the digital assistant Google Assistant.


First, it became easy navigation in the list of notifications that are becoming smaller, and got some shortcuts stylish. For example, will result in fast drag towards the top to view all notifications and take advantage of the smart reply feature with the knowledge that this won’t make you leave the notifications page. And through the clouds towards the bottom, you will now have access to more shortcuts like Google Pay feature ” Find My Phone “.


In the system WearOS New has become the digital assistant Google Assistant is more intelligent and politically. It can provide important information about your trip such as hotel reservations or schedule flights or what will be the weather. It will warn you on whether you need to take your umbrella with you or if there is heavy traffic on the road. Can suggest even nearby restaurants once you arrive at the hotel. Will become Google Assistant is more intelligent with the passage of time and will add more features in the future.

Finally, I got the Google Health also a new design and new features. I the work of developers at Google worked closely with the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization in order to provide new goals to help you maintain your fitness. These goals, of course, to the recommendations of the daily activity of the two organizations and Heart Points and Move Minutes. Application can access Google Health by simply quick pull of the right.


It is expected that the launch of all these changes in the next month, perhaps in time to launch a smart watch Google Pixel Watch.



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