Google is testing a feature that will allow running Windows on computers Pixelbook

Hope to know more about the AltOS in the annual Developers Conference Google I/O 2018 to be held in the month of May.

Google announced the beginning of the month of October last about Pixelbook, which is a laptop hybrid running Chrome OS, because the situation works in this system, it has not attracted a lot of users who don’t prepare Chrome OS operating system real already, Add to that the price of the device, which is approximately 1000 USD.

But it seems that Google realized the fact that the user will not sacrifice that amount for the computer system Chrome OS with a computer of the same category a quarter of that price, would follow the example of Apple which include is Other that most of the people prefer windows, so they provide the possibility of operating the latter to side its system of macOS.

As shown the signals within the latest version of Chrome OS that Google is working on choosing a new status on behalf of the AltOS, who understood that the company will support the addition of an alternative operating system to Pixelbook as computers Macbook from Apple.

One states that it was found on a document from within Google as the “go/vboot-windows”, suggesting that Windows would be one of the supported platforms. There is also another hint to the presence of the screen to choose the operating system, which gives users Pixelbook an option to choose between operating systems Chrome OS and the “system alternative” AltOS, when running their servers.

It is believed that the AltOS can also be linked to the operating system Fuchsia OS the building the same amount of mystery, which it is said that Google is working on its development since two years. And with that speculation refers to the system of Fuchsia may replace the system of Android and Chrome OS.

This, he hopes to know more about the AltOS in the annual Developers Conference Google I/O 2018 to be held in the month of May.

Do you think that the support system an alternative to on computers Pixelbook will convince users to buy it? Share your opinion the comments.


Source: Google is testing a feature will allow to run Windows on computers Pixelbook

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