Google is testing a feature to alert users for the speed cameras in the Maps app, Google Maps

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Designed to speed cameras to catch drivers who drive illegal. While it is always better to command notice, we are complacent sometimes intentionally or unintentionally to be monitoring our after that before these cameras, which eventually lead to incurring a fine everyone wants to avoid.

But according to a new report released recently from the website Android Police, it appears that Google choose to put the icon of the speed cameras on the map service Google Maps, and will not say these icons to alert users of where the speed cameras only, it will alert them also when coming from them. And what’s interesting is why it took Google all this time before that you include this feature in the map service Google Maps.


Mapping service Waze, a subsidiary of Google also already come with many features that alert the users of the roadblocks, the chokes traffic, works, etc., while still service Google Maps lacks some of these features. However, suggest these changes to that Google looks to make Google Maps even more powerful.

However, features warn users of speed cameras that we talked about before, is still under test currently, so it should show the icons of speed cameras to all users at the current time. We’re not sure whether Google plans to launch for all users in any time soon or not, but we’ll monitor the situation and tell you when that happens.


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