Google is testing a subscription service, a new called Google Play Pass for apps and games

Google Play Store

Choose a company Google subscription service for apps and games paid called Google Play Pass. The service will provide subscribers access to hundreds of apps and games paid price for a limited period of one month. They won’t have to worry about any ads or in-app purchases and if they are involved in the Google Play Pass.

Receive website Android Police some photos from one of the users explains that the company began to test a service subscription new this on a small scale currently. The way this service works very much like a way to service work Apple Arcade is scheduled to launch later this year.

Participants will be asked to pay $ 4.99 per month, allowing them unlimited access to a selection of apps and games outstanding. They will get access to these apps and games without having to deal with any ads or in-app purchases. These photos some of the games common such as Monument Valley and Stardew Valley and Marvel Pinball, as well as many other games. It is reported that there is a plan, family under development, but it probably will be more than $ 4.99 USD which is the cost of their individual plan.

The main difference compared with the Apple Arcade is that the latter focus only on the games with the knowledge that some of these games will be exclusive for this service. As for the Google Play Pass, they simply provide a selection of paid apps & games already available for the Android system. Currently testing this service only by Google, so it is not clear whether it will be launched officially or not.


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