Google is tracking users even when you turn off location history!

From the well known to everyone that Google logs record the movements of individuals through the “Register of sites” and “Location History”, and was of the belief that when you turn off location history the police can’t track The movements of the user according to the help page of Google which was based in the previous: “you can turn off location history at any time. With turn off location history, it will not be stored, the places you go to after now”.

Now changed this phrase to: “this setting has no effect on the services of other websites on your device, such as location services of Google and find my device. May be saved some of the location data as part of your activity on other services, such as search and maps.” In explicit recognition of Google as tracking users even with the turn off the location history!

So what is the secret behind this change?

This change comes in the help page, and Google, after a report from the AP earlier last week said that Google is still tracking users ‘ locations even if they turn the preparation of the Register of sites.

Which Google introduced to criticize the extensive and accountability clear, not been contested by the company and to amend the text of the settings as it is now, a company spokesman said in an official statement, “we have updated the language and explanatory about the location history to make it more consistent and clear across our platforms and centres of our help.”

It’s a frank recognition of Google tracking users under the heading of transparency and credibility, but what credibility in tracking and recording the movements of individuals against their will!

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