Google is tracking users with web pages are hidden, according to a new report

Google Chrome

They say that there is nothing better than a free lunch, and that is why despite the fact that Google products and services free, it in return, you deliver some of your personal data to the company. You can then use this data for marketing purposes, and that is why you no longer see ads targeted is no surprise.

However, it seems that Google Inc. may be willing to do the extra step when it comes to tracking users, and this time without their knowledge. According to a new report recently released from the newspaper Financial Time, it appears that the company behind the browser Brave Browser accuses Google of tracking users with web pages are hidden, which are pages that have been designed to collect information about users and use that in the ads.

Was discovered initially by a senior officer of the policy in the company of Brave, Mr. Johnny Ryan, which discovered the web pages hidden this after finding that the tracking data own are traded on the stock exchange announcements Google, to Authorized Buyers. This information was sent since then to the bodies of the organization of data in Ireland for investigation.

In response to this discovery, quoted the spokesperson in the name of the company Google saying : ” We don’t know custom ads or send requests for bids for suppliers without the user’s consent “. It should be noted that the Brave are suitable for Google in the field of browsers, so this is something we must take into consideration because there may be a personal interest in these charges, and may not be of course.

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