Google is trying to again enter the social networks with Shoelace

Didn’t work one day, Google launched a social network in whatever form it innovative or traditionally, after the closure of Google Plus, here she is back again with a new social network called Shoelace available is very limited currently

Shoelace is an application that lets you create a list of activities, events and places you care to go to it and invite your friends to watch you, AS suggest areas that may be of interest to you to.

Currently the app is available for users of the city of New York only and via the support system and supports the operating systems Android and iOS. This app is another draft what is known as Area 120 and are speeding the work of the special Google is working on the launch of pilot projects.

There’s still a lot to do Google with its social network new before they don’t light, and start the pressure will tested better stir curiosity about her and of course gradually be made available in more cities and states of America before supporting the rest of the world.

Recall that Google launched in 2011 something similar to Sumter then Schemer and short-lived and was engaged to the support systems and people to meet and dating about areas of the Neighborhood Initiative, such as exhibitions, films, plays, etc.

Maybe it was the launch of Schemer 2011 closed 2014 hasty and formerly premature where social networking was not the maturity that we are seeing today, so can the strength of a thought experiment by the New Year.

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