Google is trying to turn Google Photos in Instagram?

Google Photos is a quite convenient tool to manage your collection of photos and videos that allow you to edit photos and organize your collection. However, more recently in its Twitter account, Google representatives said that soon we are waiting for a pretty major update to Google Photos and it will add to the application some of the features that have long been present in the popular social network Instagram. By the way, at the same time can subscribe and on our Instagram.

Why Google is trying to copy Instagram?

What features will add to Google Photos

Regular users of Instagram probably on a regular basis storis, located in the upper part of the application. So, according to the search giant, has a similar function, but under a slightly different name will appear in the Instagram interface. The option is called “Memories”. And conceptually, it is still different from stories. If the latter is a fresh video, which are available for viewing 24 hours, then Memories is a logical step in the development of the Flashback features that Google has developed for many years.

Flashback used machine learning algorithms in order to show you the pictures you did a while ago. Memories, though, and relies on similar algorithms, builds images of a story that can save. Or, seeing a beautiful photo, immediately go to him, to edit or print on the printer.

However, the innovations don’t end there. And if it would be only in the function Memories, something about the similarity with “the social network for food” the words would not come. Google apparently really wants to make your lenses something like Instagram. The company’s specialists declare that are already working on updates that will add the ability to correspond with other users of the service and send them a photo, to share on a special “wall” to note in photos of people. While we are talking only about family members, but the important fact of working on such a function. Nothing like?

It should be understood that it is only those updates that should be out before the end of this year. In 2020, Google wants to further develop its service. However, personally we have a question: why all these “gadgets” and so convenient app to share photos? Nobody argues with the fact that innovation requires. But they have to be touching, so to speak, “themes” app.

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That is, the program for working with photos can get, say, improved algorithms for photo processing, optimization of storage and so on. Here we see the full “reformatting”. But in this there would be nothing wrong, but it seems that Google just does “Instagram second”. Why do we need 2 the same apps? After all, in order to select the part of the audience at the well-known program, you need to offer something that I don’t have competitors. Now we see only attempts to copy the original and put them in a well-known application, originally created for other purposes.

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