Google is working on a smart solution to bring wireless charging and other advantages to the phones Pixel 3

Proved Google Inc. during the past years she has actually taken the right decision not entered into the smartphone market with series phones Pixel, they are; besides being offered the experience of Android raw as well as the first to get system updates, come by it’s lovely design and sturdy.

But this design of the solid, which requires a body of knowledge, it was at the expense of other advantages, such as wireless charging, which it seems that the company Google has decided not to move lovers of organs in the second generation of phones Pixel.

After months of leaks and a lot of that dealt with the design of my phone Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL High, but most of the specifications of the devices are still unknown, and now found evidence that they are coming with the platform for wireless charging feature from other products as “smart”, they come with the advantages of Special Assistant Google digital Google Assistant.

In the Google App, which was launched in the month of June, it emerged that the company is working on the category chargers wireless referred to by the codename dreamliner, and now appear in version 8.14 of the Google App signal to a wireless charging pad as the Pixel Stand, including the advantages, such as possibility of integration with the assistant of Google’s digital.

Revealed the app it didn’t give users confidence for the Pixel Stand certain, you will be able to digital assistant to respond to queries with personal information, such as the calendar, even if the phone is locked. These include “ad hoc assistance” also suggestions and take action.

In case Google decided to support wireless charging technology in phones Pixel 3, We will not see the platform Pixel Stand before the month of next October, when the company will work on phones and accessories.

Are you waiting to support Google’s wireless charging technology by air? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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