Google is working on a very interesting feature in the Android Q

Just a couple of days passed since you released the first beta version Q Android, and all Internet news sources have described its innovations and features along and across. Such excitement is understandable, because it is still the most popular mobile operating system in the world, and therefore we are not left behind and wrote enough material about the new version of OSes from Google. Prior to public release Q Android, Google plans to release five more beta versions of its mobile OS, and each of them will appear or, conversely, removed some functions. One of these functions, and today we will tell you.

In the first beta version of Android Q already has a number of new settings that are called “Always-on Display”. In these settings you can control the display of the battery indicator in the upper right corner of the screen and display the name of the operator. Apparently, one of the options in this section will be the control clock on the lock screen. At the moment you can only access four types of displayed hours, but in the future they will probably be more.

Watch under the names of “Bubble Clock” and “Clock Stretch” having a form of analog. The latter, in General, show quite normal arrows. “Bubble Clock” arrows similar to those we see in “Stretch Clock”, but only in the form of bubbles, as the name implies (the circle is the hour hand and oval minute shows). Both have analog dials located next to a standard digital watch, and it will probably fix in the next beta versions.

The so-called “Text Clock” (Text watch) will probably be most users loved because time with them is just pointless, so it displays words. When the ability to activate these new dials will appear in the Android Q and will appear, if at all, is not clear, but we look forward to a text dial, let it even will be available in English only.

Which of the dials you liked the most?

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