Google is working on bringing augmented reality to the Chrome OS

Since the company launched the Google Chrome OS first time in the month of June 2011, we’ve seen running laptops, and office, and excited, and from the category of “all in one”, and before the two-slit system his way to the market tablets, with the computer Acer Chromebook Tab 10 which was announced by the company Google and Acer.

It seems that the next step for Google, bringing more of the benefits available on the system Android to the Chrome OS, given that Android is present on tablets since the beginning, we must expect the advantages of the computers Chrome OS Tablet.

It is more that Google is working on bringing it to the tablet operating system Chrome OS is the support of augmented reality through the platform ARCore, but I don’t know yet when it will arrive and how it will be.

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Source: Google is working on bringing augmented reality to the system of Chrome OS

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